Bubba's Car Wash - Clean & Green
Bubba's Car Wash is committed to protecting the environment. We take pride in being environmentally friendly by conserving and recycling our water. In addition to recycling our water, we only use water based chemicals that are biodegradable. We protect the environment while providing an excellent car wash.

Think you'll save energy and water if you wash your car at home?

The damage done by washing your car at home
Amount of Pollution Created by Residential Car Washing
Based on community with 10,000 registered vehicles. Figures taken from "The Residential Car Washwater Monitoring Study", published in July 2009
Wrong! Just the opposite is true.  When you wash your car in your driveway or on the street, the wash and rinse water – loaded with dirt, exhaust fumes, oil and detergent – runs off down the storm drain and eventually into rivers, lakes and streams.  All that dirt can contaminate the water and threaten the fish, birds and other wildlife that live there.

Washing your car in a driveway or parking lot creates polluted waste water.

Plus, washing a car at home uses far more water than at a car wash, since so many people just leave the hose running while they wash the car. Washing your car at home typically uses 100 gallons of water. Bubba's Car Wash only uses 20 gallons per car and we recycle it. Our filtration system catches all of the contaminants so that our environment is protected. It is environmentally smart to wash your car at Bubba's Car Wash.